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Independent Third Party Endorsements – Susqehanna Roseland Project

“As we develop new sources of energy and electricity, we will also need to modernize our national utility grid so that it’s accommodating to new sources of power, more efficient, and more reliable.”
- President Barack Obama

“America’s transmission infrastructure is in serious need of an overhaul. The Energy Information Administration projects electricity consumption will increase 25 percent by 2030, a significant demand on a stressed and aging infrastructure.”
- US Representative Denny Rehberg (R – Montana)

"One of the most important infrastructure projects that we need is a whole new electricity grid."
- President Barack Obama

“We can generate all the electricity from wind and other renewable sources we want, but it doesn’t do us any good if we don’t have the capacity to get it to consumers.”
- US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R – Alaska)

“The new line is necessary to prevent blackouts like the one in August 2003.”
- US Representative Scott Garrett (R – New Jersey)

“New Jersey does not have the generating capacity to be self- sufficient in electricity. It is dependent on the vast power grid administered by PJM Interconnection, a consortium that distributes power to 51 million people in the northeastern quadrant of the country. The proposed line would add capacity needed to avoid future brownouts and blackouts.”
- The Star Ledger editorial

“Demand for electricity increases on par with population and the many electrical gadgets we use today. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission divides the country into sections and the transmission organization for New Jersey and neighboring states, PJM, has determined that more electric power is needed. PSE&G has no choice but to comply.”
- The Daily Record editorial

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