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Chatham Borough

Project Background

The Roseland – Pleasant Valley Project (RPV) is a $546 million investment designed to strengthen the electric transmission system by replacing older transmission facilities between PSE&G’s Roseland Switching Station in Roseland and its Pleasant Valley Switching Station in Hopewell. On average, these transmission facilities are approximately 90 years old. PSE&G completed a routine maintenance assessment and determined that the existing conditions of the towers showed signs of deterioration and are an issue that need resolution.

Authorized in April 2018 by PJM Interconnection (PJM), the regional transmission organization responsible for planning the transmission system in all or parts of 13 states, including New Jersey, the 52-mile project replaces existing lattice towers and associated infrastructure that are reaching the end of their useful life. The existing lattice towers will be replaced with new, taller Y-frame structures. The increased height of the replacement structures is largely due to the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), as well as current construction standards. Although the Y-frame structures are taller than the existing lattice towers, they occupy a smaller footprint on a single foundation.  The voltage of this transmission system is remaining the same (230 kV).

The PSE&G transmission ROW through the Borough of Chatham spans approximately 1 mile and maintains a consistent width of 225 feet to accommodate two side-by-side transmission systems.  The transmission corridor runs in a northeasterly to southwesterly direction and is bound by the Borough of Florham Park to the northeast and Chatham Township to the southwest.

The segment of the project spanning Chatham Borough entails the replacement of six (6) existing lattice towers with six (6) Y-frame monopoles, all of which will remain within the existing ROW, with no additional land rights required. The heights of the existing lattice towers that encompass the project in Chatham range from approximately 83 feet to 120 feet and the proposed heights of the new structures will range from approximately 115 feet to 135 feet.

The project is separated into two segments and requires overhead transmission modifications within existing PSE&G rights-of-way. Segment I of the project runs from Roseland to Branchburg, while Segment II runs from Branchburg to Pleasant Valley.  This project is anticipated to be in service in June 2023.

Chatham Borough Anticipated Construction Schedule:

  • Geotechnical Investigations: Complete
  • Civil Construction Begins: Spring 2021
  • Electrical Construction Begins: Summer/Fall 2021
  • Electrical Construction Ends: Spring 2022
  • ROW Restoration Begins: Spring 2022
  • Civil Construction and Restoration End: Late Winter 2022
  • Completion in Chatham: December 2022
  • Overall Project Completion: December 2023

For questions and comments about this project, please call the Roseland – Pleasant Valley Project Information Line at 1-888-378-0788.

For media inquiries, please call PSE&G's Media Hotline at 973-430-7734.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Project Hotline
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For media inquiries regarding this project, please contact:

PSE&G's Media Hotline

NOTE: Construction schedule information is tentative and subject to change based on several factors, including weather and field conditions.

In Service

We have completed have completed the replacement of the new structures and have strung the new power line.  The transmission line is in service.

Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way.