Chatham Borough

Reliability Project Overview

The North Central Reliability Project will ensure reliable electric power for approximately one-third of New Jersey’s population in the central and northern part of the state by upgrading the transmission system and substations from 138kV to 230kV operation. The selected route follows an existing PSE&G right-of-way connecting PSEG’s West Orange Switching station in Essex County to its Sewaren Substation in Middlesex County. The project also includes PSE&G station construction and upgrades in West Orange, Livingston, Fanwood, Edison, and Woodbridge.

Overall construction began 2Q 2012. The entire project is estimated to be in-service by 2Q 2014.

Activity Overview

Along the existing PSE&G right-of-way, 138kV overhead transmission wires have been upgraded and once energized will operate at 230kV. The lattice structures that held the 138kV wires have been replaced with new monopole structures.

All major overhead construction activity, including restoration work, has been completed as of July, 2014.

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NOTE: Construction schedule information is tentative and subject to change based on several factors, including weather and field conditions.

Chatham Borough

  • Q3 2017 thru Q4 2019

    You may see our crews on the right-of-way performing geotechnical work and verifying subsurface conditions and underground utilities.  In addition, you may see construction activities to support the replacement of the electric infrastructure. Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way during these activities.

    PLEASE NOTE: Maintaining proper tree clearance from the power lines is absolutely necessary to assure:

    • The continued safety of homeowners living near the transmission lines,
    • The safety of PSE&G employees and contractors working on the power lines, and
    • The reliability of the electric utility system.

    In order to maintain PSE&G’s facilities, the cutting and/or mowing of vegetation brush may be necessary on the transmission right-of-way that crosses your property.  Every effort will be made to minimize the impact on your property.

August 27, 2014

Rutgers Study: PSE&G is an Economic Engine for New Jersey
Transmission upgrades responsible for creating 6,000 jobs annually from 2011-2021

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Roseland - Pleasant Valley

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