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North Brunswick Switching Station Upgrade Project

About the Project

The North Brunswick Switching Station Upgrade is a critical construction project that will help PSE&G continue to deliver safe, highly reliable electric service for our customers long into the future.

Required by PJM Interconnection, the regional grid operator, this project is a $112 million investment designed to reconfigure and upgrade the PSE&G Brunswick Switching Station in North Brunswick, NJ.  A switching station is a part of the transmission system that steps down high voltages to lower voltages before power is transmitted to substations, where the voltage is further reduced so that the electricity can be used in local homes and businesses.

This project will reconfigure the Brunswick Station’s 230,000 volt (230kV) switch yard, eliminate the existing 138,000 volt (138kV) switch yard, and construct a new 69,000 (69kV) switch yard to connect this station to the 69kV switch yard at the PSE&G Bennetts Lane Substation in Somerset, NJ.  The reconfiguration work includes the installation of new monopoles, as well as modifications to the existing electric equipment.  All construction work will be completed inside the station fence line.

Activity Overview

Construction for this critical upgrade project will begin in December 2015 and continue through Q1 2019. No electric service outages will be caused by this work. Some construction activities may cause an increase in noise but all efforts will be made to minimize noise.

Community Benefits

As part of the PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP), these additions and improvements will enhance electric transmission system reliability in the North Brunswick area, while meeting power quality requirements in the region.

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Construction Schedule

North Brunswick

January 2017 - April 2017

North Brunswick Switching Station

Work will continue inside the PSE&G station fence line through the spring. Activity in the station will include, but not limited to: pouring foundations, installing underground electrical equipment, and installing monopole support equipment. 

Excluding inclement weather delays, PSE&G anticipates working Monday through Friday (7:30am – 6:00pm) and Saturday (8:00am - 6:00pm).

On Sunday, March 26 and Sunday April 2, PSE&G will be removing wire from a lattice tower inside the PSE&G Switching Station from 9:00 a.m.- 6 p.m. During this time, one lane of traffic on Victory Ave may be closed to accommodate the work and equipment. Local police will be on site to ensure safe conditions for the public.  

Safety is our primary concern. PSE&G will work with the North Brunswick Police Department to minimize any traffic concerns or inconveniences to the public. During construction, please refrain from going near our construction work zones.


North Brunswick Switching Station

December 9-12

Beginning on Friday December 9th and continuing through Monday December 12, installation of two monopoles will occur inside the PSE&G North Brunswick Switching Station.

No construction activity will occur on Sunday.