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Fairmount Heights Switching Station

About the Project

The Fairmount Heights switching station is an essential, new construction project which will help PSE&G continue its efforts to improve the reliability of our transmission system.

Required by PJM, the regional transmission organization, it will relieve the projected transmission overloads and provide emergency backup to PSE&G’s Newark Switching Station. The station is also a prime example of the kind of system reinforcement that became apparent after Super Storm Sandy flooded a number of electrical stations along waterways such as Newark Bay.

Since this site is located inland, this station — had it been built before the storm — could have helped keep the lights on in Newark for thousands of customers.

Employment and Economic Benefits Report

The Brattle Group recently released a report on the employment and economic benefits of investing in transmission infrastructure.

A robust transmission grid not only ensures reliable delivery of electricity but provides many other benefits such as reducing power production costs, facilitating renewable energy development, and providing insurance against extreme events such as local power shortages due to weather and other factors. Investment in transmission infrastructure also supports employment and stimulates the economy.

Economic benefits are significant. Each million dollars of transmission investment supports five to eight years of local full-time employment, with an expected economic impact of $1.4 million to $1.8 million.

According to the report, transmission infrastructure projects may be driven by a single concern, such as reliability, but may also relieve transmission congestion and enable future integration of lower-cost renewable resources. PJM Interconnection, the regional entity responsible for planning the transmission system, has noted that voltage upgrades can lower congestion costs by $1.7 billion, which benefits New Jersey ratepayers.


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