Little Ferry

Reliability Project Overview

The PSE&G Energy Strong Program will strengthen New Jersey’s electric and gas systems in an effort to proactively protect its infrastructure against severe weather damage like the state experienced during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. As part of the program, PSE&G will protect, raise or relocate 29 switching and substations throughout New Jersey that were damaged by water either due to excessive rainfall or a storm surge.

Activity Overview

  • New and existing major equipment will be elevated to a height of at least 9.8 feet in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) recently revised flood hazard guidance to mitigate the impact of future flooding events as experienced during Super Storm Sandy.
  • Replace and install new control house on an elevated platform adjacent to the east-side fence line.
  • Deconstruct and remove the existing concrete pads.
    • Construct and raise new platforms for transformers.
  • Construction will be completed in three phases:
    • Spring 2015: One raised platform will be constructed and the transformer raised.
    • Fall 2015: The second raised platform will be constructed and the transformer raised; existing Control House will be removed and a new Control House will be installed and raised.
    • Spring 2016: Third phase of construction is expected to begin.
  • When construction is complete:
    • Existing chain link fence will be removed and replaced with decorative fencing and landscaping.
    • A “Welcome to Little Ferry” sign will be installed at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Bergen Turnpike.
  • PSE&G will work with the Borough of Little Ferry Police Department to keep traffic impacts to a minimum.

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December 17, 2015

PSE&G upgrading substation in New Milford (

Public Service Electric & Gas Co. is upgrading its substation in New Milford, which was damaged by two hurricanes in the past four years.

As part of its ongoing Energy Strong program, the utility is demolishing and rebuilding certain equipment there, so it’ll be at least one foot above federal standards of a high flood elevation.

The 15.3-acre substation, which is at the foot of Henley Avenue, is within eyeshot of the Hackensack River...