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Burlington-Camden Reliability Project

About the Project

Burlington-CamdenThe Burlington Camden Reliability Project upgraded existing overhead and underground transmission circuits from 138 kilo-volts (kV) to 230kV operation in South Jersey. The upgrade was necessary to deliver increased electric capacity required by New Jersey business and residents, increase transfer capability, provide better power quality, and reduce transmission system congestion.

This overall project was approximately 30-circuit miles. Approximately 30-circuit miles of overhead circuites were pgraded from PSE&G’s Burlington Switching Station located in Burlington City and Burlington Township, New Jersey to PSE&G’s Camden Switching Station located in Pennsauken, New Jersey. An existing 7-circuit mile 138kV underground circuit was replaced and upgraded for 230kV operation from PSE&G’s Camden Switching Station in Pennsauken, New Jersey to PSE&G’s Gloucester Switching Station in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

PSE&G secured all necessary permits and approvals from municipalities along the route as well as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other appropriate state agencies. The project went into service in June 2014. 

Economic Impacts of PSE&G’s Burlington-Camden Transmission Network Upgrade

Rutgers University Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy recently released a report detailing the estimated economic impact of the transmission network upgrades planned as part of PSE&G’s statewide infrastructure upgrades.

According to the study, the project has had a positive impact on New Jersey’s economy. The $399 million investment [see Forward Looking statement] to upgrade the capacity of PSE&G’s Burlington-Camden transmission network from 138kV to 230kV, accounted for the creation of thousands of much needed jobs. The total construction expenditures generated labor compensation, state and local tax revenue, licensing and permitting fees paid to governments and public agencies and total gross domestic product for New Jersey (GDP).

Read the Rutgers Report: Economic Impact Analysis of PSE&G's Capital Expenditure Portfolio

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