About the Project

The Aldene-Warinanco-Linden VFT (AWL) electric transmission project is a $90 million investment designed to strengthen the electric transmission system by replacing older transmission facilities between Aldene Switching Station in Cranford, N.J. and Linden VFT Switching Station in Linden, N.J. On average, these transmission facilities are approximately 54 years old.

Authorized in December 2017 by PJM Interconnection (PJM), the regional transmission organization responsible for planning the transmission system in all or parts of 13 states, including New Jersey, the project replaces existing towers due to end-of-life conditions and electric reliability issues. Electric reliability will be enhanced as a result.

The project replaces aging infrastructure in 4 municipalities in Union County, including Cranford Township, Roselle Borough, Elizabeth City, and Linden City.

The project is separated into two segments and requires overhead transmission modifications within existing PSE&G rights-of-way. Segment I of the project runs from the Aldene Switching Station in Cranford to the Warinanco Switching Station in Linden, while Segment II runs from the Warinanco Switching Station to the Linden VFT Switching Station in Linden.  This project is anticipated to be in service by December 31, 2020, with full restoration expected by April 2021.

For questions and comments about this project, please call the Aldene-Warinanco-Linden VFT Project Information Line at 1-888-740-7718.
 For more information you may also visit the project website at www.pseg.com/awl.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Jaye Cavallo
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For media inquiries regarding this project, please contact:

PSE&G's Media Hotline

NOTE: Construction schedule information is tentative and subject to change based on several factors, including weather and field conditions.


  • July 10, 2017 through July 15, 2017

    Duct bank installation:

    • Airport Switching Station off Basilone Road

    2” conduit repair and proofing:

    • East of Earhart Drive on North Ave. East (Wednesday/Friday – night work)

    Final restoration pavers/clean-up:

    • Brewster Road near Basilone Road

    Safety is our primary concern. PSE&G will work with the Elizabeth Police Department to minimize traffic concerns or inconveniences to the public. During construction, please refrain from entering our construction work zones.

  • May 2016 through May 2017

    Overhead construction activity scheduled between January 3 and February 12, 2017 will likely be on the following streets:

    • Spofford Ave
    • Kenneth Ave
    • Meredith Ave
    • S Elmora Ave
    • Edgar Rd
    • Lidgerwood Ave
    • Erico Ave
    • Washington Ave
    • Grove St
    • Roosevelt Ave
    • McClain St
    • Grier Ave

    Overhead construction activity scheduled between February 13 and March 5, 2017 will likely be on the following streets:

    • Broad St
    • Grove St
    • Williamson St
    • Maple Ave
    • Norwood Ter
    • Montgomery St
    • Johnson Ave
    • Devine St
    • Clarkson Ave
    • Fillmore St

    Overhead construction activity scheduled between March 5 and March 12, 2017 will likely be on the following streets:

    • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Ave
    • Loomis St
    • 5th St
    • Spencer St
    • Niles St
    • Palmer St
    • Amity St
    • John St


    To complete the next phase of upgrades, some customers will experience brief interruptions of their electric service. Only those who receive a door-hanger/letter notifying them about the outage will be impacted. The next upgrade causing brief electric service interruption is scheduled on Saturday, March 25, 2017


    Safety is our primary concern. PSE&G will work with the Elizabeth Police Department to minimize any traffic concerns or inconveniences to the public. During construction, please refrain from going near our construction work zones.

Elizabeth City

  • We have completed surveying of the right-of-way, along with verifying subsurface conditions and underground utilities.  On or about July 29, 2019, you may see our crews on the right-of-way building temporary access roads needed to execute construction.  Please be aware that equipment and materials, including steel for the replacement structures, may be stored and partially assembled on the right-of-way at various times during the construction period.

    Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way during these activities.

Bergen-Linden Corridor

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