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Plainsboro Township

Reliability Project Overview

PSE&G is currently conducting statewide electric reliability improvements to its utility infrastructure. These enhancements will improve both electric service reliability and system redundancy to ensure safe and reliable service to our customers. Throughout the state of New Jersey, PSE&G infrastructure upgrades will reduce the demand on the existing 26kV network. The projects will install 69kV transmission circuits connecting PSE&G stations around the state.

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NOTE: Construction schedule information is tentative and subject to change based on several factors, including weather and field conditions.

12-17-18 through Spring 2019

PSE&G plans to begin upgrading and replacing the utility poles along Dey Road beginning near Pheasant Hollow Drive and continuing to Rt 130.  This work is expected to begin on or around Monday, December 17 and continue intermittently through the spring 2019.  Work will occur between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, as well as some weekend work, as needed. There are no service outages planned with this work

Q1 2019 - Q1 2020

On or about March 18, you may see our crews on the right-of-way building temporary access roads needed to execute construction, as well a installing foundations for the replacement structures.  Please be aware that equipment and materials, including steel for the replacement structures, may be stored and partially assembled on the right-of-way at various times during the construction period.

All work crews associated with the project will have credentials identifying them as working on behalf of PSE&G.  Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way during this activity.

Additionally, mobilization is anticipated for drilling and pouring of caisson foundations.

The schedule and locations of these activities are fluid and subject to change based on numerous factors, including weather and ground conditions.  A variety of contractors will be executing the work.

Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way during these activities.

Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington Project

Reliability Project Overview

The Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington Project (MTB) is a $739M investment designed to strengthen the electric transmission system by replacing 138,000-volt (138kV) circuits with 230,000-volt (230kV) circuits between the PSE&G Metuchen Switching Station in Edison, NJ and the PSE&G Burlington Switching Station in Burlington, NJ.  The project replaces aging infrastructure in 17 municipalities and modifies, upgrades or reconfigures 17 electric stations.

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