Reliability Project Overview

PSE&G is currently conducting statewide electric reliability improvements to its utility infrastructure. These enhancements will improve both electric service reliability and system redundancy to ensure safe and reliable service to our customers. Throughout the state of New Jersey, PSE&G infrastructure upgrades will reduce the demand on the existing 26kV network. The projects will install 69kV transmission circuits connecting PSE&G stations around the state.

Activity Overview

  • New 69kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), which allows for the addition of increased voltage capacity with minimal impact to the existing station footprint, will be installed at our McLean Boulevard, North Paterson and 40th Street substations.
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the Warren Point and 40th Street stations.
    • The route runs along an existing pole line on 33rd Street to Vreeland Avenue to 20th Avenue to 41st Street.
    • The route runs underground along 40th Street.
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the 40th Street and East Rutherford stations.
    • This route runs along an existing pole line on 21st Avenue to 38th Street to Lakeview Avenue.
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the Jackson Road and Hawthorne stations
    • The route runs along an existing pole line on Cumberland Avenue to Chamberlain Avenue to West Broadway to Garrison Street to N.7th Street.
    • The route runs underground on N.7th Street to Haledon Avenue to N. 7th Street
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the Hinchman’s Avenue, North Paterson, McLean Blvd, Warren Point Substations and Fair Lawn stations.
    • The majority of this portion of the route is complete. The remaining work will be done along the existing pole line on Sassafrass Street.
  • The existing utility poles will be replaced with taller, sturdier poles that combine new 69kV circuits with existing 26kV, 13kV, or 4kV circuits.
  • Vegetation Management activity such as tree trimming or tree removals may occur in order to allow for the safe installation of new equipment.
  • PSE&G will work with the City of Paterson Police to keep traffic impacts to a minimum.

This route will be approximately 20 miles along the existing public right of ways in the towns of Totowa, Paterson, Prospect Park, Hawthorne, Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, North Haledon, Haledon, and Wayne. 

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