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East Rutherford

Reliability Project Overview

PSE&G is currently conducting statewide electric reliability improvements to its utility infrastructure. These enhancements will improve both electric service reliability and system redundancy to ensure safe and reliable service to our customers. Throughout the state of New Jersey, PSE&G infrastructure upgrades will reduce the demand on the existing 26kV network. The projects will install 69kV transmission circuits connecting PSE&G stations around the state.

Kingsland – Van Winkle 69kV Network

Activity Overview 

We have recently completed upgrades to our Van Winkle substation from a 26kv to 69kV operation, by constructing a permanent 230kV/69kV switching station at North Arlington’s Kingsland station, adjacent to  the existing Kingsland 230kV/13kV substation. The project also constructed new circuits connecting Van Winkle to the previously upgraded Belleville and East Rutherford switching stations, as well as the new South 5th Street substation currently located in Harrison.

The addition of a new 69kV supply source to the Van Winkle substation will simplify operations and improve reliability. It will also ensure adequate capacity for future growth.

The project was completed December 2020.

Completed Project at the East Rutherford Substation

  • New 69kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), which allows for the addition of increased voltage capacity with minimal impact to the existing station footprint, has been installed at our East Rutherford station.
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the 40th Street and East Rutherford stations.
  • New 69kV circuits will connect the Hasbrouck Heights and East Rutherford stations.
  • New taller, sturdier utility poles have been installed that combine new 69kV circuits with existing 26kV, 13kV, or 4kV circuits.

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