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Maintaining safe, reliable electric service

  • PSE&G’s proposed electric reliability projects in Cranford are part of a statewide plan to upgrade its infrastructure to ensure that the utility can meet the needs of customers today and well into the future.
  • PSE&G has been upgrading its electric system throughout the state by installing stronger poles and state-of-the-art wires and other equipment to withstand increasingly damaging storms due to climate change and to meet the demand for electricity.
  • Since 2007, PSE&G has installed more than 400 miles of 69,000-volt (69kV) lines in more than 93 municipalities in New Jersey. By the end of 2023, we anticipate that 570 miles will have been upgraded.

Project overview

  • To address the demand for electric capacity as well as provide additional redundancy, PSE&G is upgrading its local infrastructure by adding a higher capacity line that will alleviate the demand on the existing older network. The line will connect PSE&G’s Front Street substation in Scotch Plains with its Springfield Road substation in Union.
  • In addition, PSE&G is in negotiations to purchase a property in Cranford to replace an existing outdated substation in Clark.
  • The new poles will also carry fiber optic wire to improve communication between substations, shortening the duration of power outages.
  • The project will replace 73 existing poles. In general, the existing poles are between 45 and 55 feet tall (38 and 47 feet above ground). The replacement poles will range between 65 and 75 feet tall (56 and 65 feet above ground).

Significant benefits for electric customers

  • Upon completion, these upgrades will provide increased electric capacity and a redundant supply of electric service for the entire region, providing our customers in Cranford and surrounding towns with safe, reliable electric service.
  • Questions about this project can be directed to PSE&G’s Project Hotline at 1-800-901-5035.


PSE&G will continue to provide updates to Cranford officials on this important reliability upgrade project as information becomes available. In the meantime, should you have additional questions or concerns about this project, please contact PSE&G’s Project Hotline at 800-901-5035. All calls will be returned within 24 hours during normal business days.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Project Hotline - North
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For media inquiries regarding this project, please contact:

PSE&G's Media Hotline

NOTE: Construction schedule information is tentative and subject to change based on several factors, including weather and field conditions.

Spring 2017

Cranford Substation

Construction activity inside the fence line is on-going through mid-May, including civil and electrical construction. Some work outside the Substation will be required to complete manhole upgrades. 

Excluding inclement weather delays, PSE&G anticipates working Monday through Saturday (7:00am – 5:00pm). All efforts to minimize noise to the community will be made.

Safety is our primary concern. PSE&G will work with the Cranford Police Department to minimize any traffic concerns or inconveniences to the public. During construction, please refrain from going near our construction work zones.


We have completed have completed the replacement of the new structures.  We are working to string the new power line.

Safety is our highest priority at PSE&G, and it is essential that you and anyone occupying your property refrain from going on the right-of-way during these activities.

Aldene - Warinanco - Linden

About the Project

The Aldene-Warinanco-Linden VFT (AWL) electric transmission project is a $90 million investment designed to strengthen the electric transmission system by replacing older transmission facilities between Aldene Switching Station in Cranford, N.J. and Linden VFT Switching Station in Linden, N.J. On average, these transmission facilities are approximately 54 years old.

Authorized in December 2017 by PJM Interconnection (PJM), the regional transmission organization responsible for planning the transmission system in all or parts of 13 states, including New Jersey, the project replaces existing towers due to end-of-life conditions and electric reliability issues. Electric reliability will be enhanced as a result.

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