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From electric generation through transmission to distribution, the light that goes on when you flip a switch often takes a long and circuitous route.

PSE&G, New Jersey’s oldest and largest electric and gas utility, was among the first utilities to develop electricity transmission lines linking consumers to energy markets across states and regions.

Transmission lines, when interconnected to other lines, become transmission networks, typically referred to as “the power grid,” the highway for moving bulk power from where it is generated to its ultimate consumer. Currently, PSE&G’s electric transmission system spans about 1,400 circuit miles, serving 2.2 million electric customers.

Like our interstate highway system, the transmission infrastructure that moves vast amounts of electricity is essential to New Jersey’s economic well-being and quality of life. While this infrastructure has served its purpose, a significant portion of our transmission system dates back to the 1920’s and needs to be replaced and upgraded to handle the evolving demand for power.

PSE&G is investing in electric transmission reinforcement and upgrades to:

  • help maintain safe, highly reliability electric service
  • meet current and future electricity demands by New Jersey businesses and residents
  • provide better power quality
  • reduce transmission system congestion in the region
  • allow power to move more efficiently across the state
  • ensure the availability of the lowest cost energy obtainable on the market

Continuing to provide safe and reliable energy is not simply a job, but a fundamental responsibility at PSE&G.  Reliability is a company hallmark. PSE&G has won awards as the most reliable electric utility in its region for 11 consecutive years.

Reliability Projects