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PSE&G Historic Documentation

PSE&G strives to hold to its core commitments, including adhering to all laws and regulations and collaborating with our communities and stakeholders. As part of this commitment, it became apparent, that as one of New Jersey’s largest landowners, we should provide information regarding our consultations with the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). On a regular basis, as part of our construction projects, we have the requirement and need to consult with SHPPO to document the existing Architectural impacts our work may have and provide any mitigation measures deemed necessary by SHPO. Since these reports can be extremely useful and comprise a large amount of research and documentation we agreed with SHPO that these reports should be available to the public.

Below, you will find links to the PSEG corporate website which documents the history of PSE&G in NJ, as well as links to the various studies we have completed. It should be noted that this is a work in progress and these reports will be uploaded as they become available. This is not a comprehensive list of studies for all of our service territory or properties.

Visit the PSEG History: Over a Century of Public Service

PSE&G Crandford Power Station (substation) - 1929

Above: 1929 Aerial Photograph of the PSE&G Cranford Power House (Substation).

PSE&G Historical Documents: