Electric Reliability Projects

Like our highway system, the infrastructure to move vast amounts of electricity is essential to New Jersey’s economic well-being and quality of life. While this infrastructure has served its purpose, a significant part of it needs to be replaced and upgraded to support the flow of power throughout New Jersey and maintain safe, reliable service for customers long into the future.

Electricity usage per person has more than doubled since the 1970s. Upgrading the grid to handle the evolving demand for power is a necessity, especially in a densely populated, high-tech state as New Jersey. 

PSE&G is investing in electric transmission reinforcement and upgrades to:

  • help maintain safe, highly reliability electric service
  • meet current and future electricity demands by New Jersey businesses and residents
  • provide better power quality
  • reduce transmission system congestion in the region
  • allow power to move more efficiently across the state
  • ensure the availability of the lowest cost energy obtainable on the market

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management activity may periodically be scheduled in your area. The purpose of this activity is to reduce the occurrence of tree-related interruption on overhead facilities and prevent vegetative caused outages on the transmission system. Learn more about Vegetation Management.

Transmission Life Cycle (TLC)

Transmission Life Cycle (TLC) projects to replace substation equipment may be periodically scheduled in your area.  The purpose of this program is to strategically replace aging equipment prior to failure to assure continued system reliability.